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Pre-School and Montessori

The Pre-School section is split into three areas:

Toddler Group 

Adult - Child Ratio: 1:6

play-groupIn the Toddler Group the children are given plenty of time for free play. This encourages the children to learn about their surroundings, mixing and socialising with other children their own age, learning to take turns, and broadening their speech and language.

They take part in simple table-top activities e.g puzzles, sorting colours and shapes. They also spend time colouring, playing with playdough, painting and gluing.
There is a large assortment of books available to the children, and they are encouraged to spend time each day looking at these books and recognising familiar pictures.
Music, song and dance are enjoyed throughout the day, and the children are constantly learning nursery rhymes and simple songs.
As, in the other areas of the nursery outdoor play is essential, and we have a large playground and garden for the children to get lots of fresh air and exercise during the day.


Adult – Child Ratio: 1: 8 / 1:10

toddler-groupWeekly activities are carefully planned at staff meetings, bearing in mind the age and stage of development of the children and the relevant seasons and themes.
However a degree of flexibility must be allowed for spontaneous activity if the children are enjoying a session.

Play is an important part of the growth and development of each young child enabling them to learn about themselves and their world.
The type of play offered to the children will be adapted throughout the year to suit the development of the child.

Playgroup Activities;

Free Play;

A) Imaginative Play; Prams, Dolls, Dressing Up, Home Corner.
B) Natural Materials; Playdough, Sand, Water.
C) Creative Materials; Gluing, Cutting, Brush/Sponge/Finger Painting.
D) Table-Top Toys; Jigsaws, Grading and sorting toys by shape and colour.
E) Construction Toys; Duplo, Stickle-Brick, Blocks.
F) Floor Toys; Large Floor Puzzles, Train Tracks, Cars, Lorries.
G) Book Corner; Large variety of developmentally appropriate books.
Structured Activities;
H) Theme; e.g. Farming, Talk about animals, machinery, work on the farm.
I) Music and Sound; Play sound maker or musical instruments, listen, sing, dance to tapes and CD's.
J) Cookery; occasionally make simple treats e.g. Rice Krispie Buns, Gingerbread men.
K) Nature; Walking in the garden, talking about the seasons, nature, collecting items for the nature table, collecting leaves
    and flowers for picture making.
L) Physical Play; Outdoor Play, Tricycles, Cars, Slides, Balls, Hop-Scotch, Dancing, Activity Games.
M) Story and Rhyme; Reading stories and nursery rhyme.


montessoriAdult – Child Ratio: 1:10

At this age the child is laying down a foundation to develop the powers of concentration and independence. He/she has an absorbent mind thus taking in everything around them and their environment.

In the Montessori Classroom the child is active and makes personal contact with his/her environment in a very real way by doing practical life, maths, language and culture exercises.

It also facilitates social interaction between children, where they learn to play with, and respect others, thus giving them a good preparation and base for starting school.

Weekly activities are planned which include;

  • Art and Crafts
  • Physical Exercises (P.E)
  • Baking
  • Imaginative Play
  • Music and Dancing
  • Outdoor Play

Annually the Montessori children perform the Christmas Nativity Play where at Knollcrest we encourage the families to come along and see their "budding stars"!

We also have an end of year Graduation Ceremony with a party for all the children to celebrate their moving into